COVID-19 Coping Resources

Coping With...Stress & Mental Health Concerns

resources to help manage stress and mental health

Crisis and Help Lines

Crisis Lines (Canada) / Distress and Crisis Lines (Ontario) / Crisis Hotlines (USA) / Common Hotline Numbers (USA) Mental Health Helplines (UK) / Find a Helpline (UK


Mental Health/Resource Websites

Canadian Mental Health Association / National Institute For Mental Health (USA) / NHS (UK) / 


Mental Health Apps

These are meant to supplement support and may not be appropriate for your needs.

Healthy Minds / Mind Shift / Sanvello / Calm Harm / TalkLife / Headspace / Stop, Breathe, and Think / SAM Rootd Rise Up + Recover / Trauma Recovery


Mental Health Supports/Programs/Education 

Online Portal (FREE, Canada): Wellness Together Canada

Services ranging from immediate crisis support to screening and self-assessment, to peer-to-peer support and education resources and online modules, and from virtual Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy telephone counselling.


Online Program (FREE): Managing Stress and Anxiety From COVID-19

Online Program (FREE): My Anxiety Plan (MAP) for Adults

Online Course (FREE): Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Online Program (FREE, Ontario): BounceBack 

Online Program (FREE): Mindfulness

Online Therapy: Talkspace / BetterHelp (Canada) / Hasu (Canada)


Teletherapy for Addiction and Mental Health (US): The Recovery Village / Rehab Spot


WRAP Workbook: Wellness Recovery Action Plan for managing and monitoring recovery 

Stress Management Overview: stress; the stress response; stress management approach

Stress Management Resources: relaxation techniques; cognitive approach; sleep hygiene and other practical strategies; coping ideas and tools


Behavioral Activation to Prevent Depression During COVID-19

Managing Mood With Activity Scheduling

Transitioning to Online Therapy


Hi! I'm Shannon and I am a Registered Psychotherapist. I also have lived experience with mental illness. My site is geared towards the discussion of various mental health and wellness topics. The hope is to demystify some mental health concepts and strategies; to increase mental health and emotional literacy; and to continue to normalize and destigmatize mental illness. 


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