COVID-19 Coping Resources

Coping With...Stress & Mental Health Concerns

resources to help manage stress and mental health

Crisis and Help Lines

Crisis Lines (Canada) / Distress and Crisis Lines (Ontario) / Crisis Hotlines (USA) / Common Hotline Numbers (USA) Mental Health Helplines (UK) / Find a Helpline (UK


Mental Health/Resource Websites

Canadian Mental Health Association / National Institute For Mental Health (USA) / NHS (UK) / 


Mental Health Apps

These are meant to supplement support and may not be appropriate for your needs.

Healthy Minds / Mind Shift / Sanvello / Calm Harm / TalkLife / Headspace / Stop, Breathe, and Think / SAM Rootd Rise Up + Recover / Trauma Recovery


Mental Health Supports/Programs/Education 

Online Portal (FREE, Canada): Wellness Together Canada

Services ranging from immediate crisis support to screening and self-assessment, to peer-to-peer support and education resources and online modules, and from virtual Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy telephone counselling.


Online Program (FREE): Managing Stress and Anxiety From COVID-19

Online Program (FREE): My Anxiety Plan (MAP) for Adults

Online Course (FREE): Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Online Program (FREE, Ontario): BounceBack 

Online Program (FREE): Mindfulness

Online Therapy: Talkspace / BetterHelp (Canada) / Hasu (Canada)


Teletherapy for Addiction and Mental Health (US): The Recovery Village / Rehab Spot


WRAP Workbook: Wellness Recovery Action Plan for managing and monitoring recovery 

Stress Management Overview: stress; the stress response; stress management approach

Stress Management Resources: relaxation techniques; cognitive approach; sleep hygiene and other practical strategies; coping ideas and tools


Behavioral Activation to Prevent Depression During COVID-19

Managing Mood With Activity Scheduling

Transitioning to Online Therapy