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I Want My MTV: My Movie and Series Recommendations

If it's not clear yet from my posts and videos, I am a big pop culture nerd. I love movies and used to watch more television than the average person. This is very deliberate, as I benefit from the escapism and stimulation that different entertainment provides me. My media consumption has increased as I've dealt with my own mental health and personal issues, and working in a demanding field. Below are some lists of some my favourites and frequent recommendations. As with my music preferences, I am kind of stuck in the past.

Image: Seinfeld (1989)

Movies: Feel Good

These are some of my favourite movies and favourite "feel good" movies. They make me smile, laugh, or remember the simplicity of my childhood and adolescence.

Office Space (1999)

There’s Something About Mary (1998)

Caddyshack (1980)

The Princess Bride (1987)

The Wedding Singer (1998)

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Sixteen Candles (1984)

Mean Girls (2004)

Dazed and Confused (1993)

High Fidelity (2000)

Best in Show (2000)

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

The Naked Gun (1988)

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Uncle Buck (1989)

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997)

To Die For (1995)

Midnight in Paris (2011)

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Movies: Feel Everything

Many of these are my favourite movies. This sounds so cheesy, but these are movies that just make me feel so much. Some are heavy and intellectually-stimulating. Some are masterpieces or beautiful stories. Others just make me ugly cry.

Vanilla Sky (2001)

Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunset (2004)

Before Midnight (2013)

American Psycho (2000)

Boogie Nights (1997)

The Big Chill (1983)

Philadelphia (1993)

Vertigo (1958)

I Heart Huckabees (2004)

Rear Window (1954)

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Snowpiercer (2013)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Gaslight (1944)

Forrest Gump (1994)

Good Will Hunting (1997)

The Departed (2006)

Little Ms. Sunshine (2006)

Television: Feed Good

Seinfeld (NBC)

Sex and the City (HBO)

Arrested Development (FOX/Netflix)

Friends (NBC)

The Office (NBC) + The Office (BBC2)

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Coupling (BBC2)

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Schitt's Creek (CBC)

Summer Heights High (ABC TV)

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)

Catastrophe (Channel 4)

30 Rock (NBC)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)

The Larry Sanders Show (HBO)

Veep (HBO)

Television: Dramas

Law and Order (NBC)

The Twilight Zone (CBS)

Nip/Tuck (FX)

Six Feet Under (HBO)

Sherlock (BBC)

This Is Us (NBC)

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Fight (CBS All Access)

The West Wing (NBC)

Black Mirror (Channel 4/Netflix)

Broadchurch (ITV)

Scott & Bailey (ITV)

Tabula Rasa (ZDF)

Suits (USA)

The Newsroom (HBO)

Downtown Abbey (ITV)

Doctor Foster (BBC One)

Unbelievable (Netflix)

Dirty John (Netflix)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)

Featured Title Lyric: Money for Nothing (Dire Straits)

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